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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Homemade Pizza Lunchables

Pizza Lunchables are a favorite of my two school bound kiddos, so I thought I would make my own after seeing the idea on pinterest.
I love having this ready to send off to school with them so that they have some variety in their lunchboxes.

Here is how we did it!

For our crust we bought a package of Rhodes frozen dinner rolls 36 count.

The frozen little balls of dough are just the right size to make little pizza crusts.

All three kids took turns flattening out the balls into their pizza crusts and poking holes in them with a fork so that they didn't puff up too much.

I baked them at 350 degrees, and flipped them halfway though baking with a spatula. I also used the spatula to flatten them out a bit more after turning them. We took them out when they started to brown. Ours are a bit pale, because our kids like them that way.

For the sauce I couldn't pass up this squeeze bottle. I did use up the whole bottle making this round, but from now on I am going to empty my cans of sauce into this bottle and it will be ready to roll for the next round. I also had these mini sized zip top bags that work great to hold sauce. I filled them up with the squeeze bottle and laid them flat on a cookie sheet to freeze them so that they can be packed frozen and be thawed and ready to go by lunchtime.

Coming together nicely!

We adore turkey pepperoni at our house, 70 percent less fat than regular pepperoni and all the flavor!

Here are all our crusts and sauce packets ready to pop into the freezer.

We pack all of the kids lunches in these Ziploc divided containers. They come two to a package and my daughter used them all last school year and they help up fine to dishwashers and lunchbox travel. They are not leak proof, so you can not pack really wet stuff, but the money we saved on bags, and how much easier these made packing lunches made them more than worth the cost. There is another company that make a container that is similar but they are much more expensive. 

We just bought a couple more packs on sale since we now have two kiddos eating lunch at school.

We have two crusts one pizza sauce, some cheese and turkey pepperoni, apple sauce, some carrots, and a juice box ready to go in this lunch. I will assemble them the day they need them, but packing them will be super simple!

Our school kids are in Kindergarten and Second Grade so this is more than enough food for them for lunch. They usually get milk at school as well, so we can pack plenty in these boxes without the juice box in there.

The dinner rolls had 36 to a pack, we put two crusts in each so each bag has enough for 18 lunches, The pizza sauce we put about 2T in each bag, and had enough for 14 packs of sauce.

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