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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fall Table Runner, Upcycled

I love to give old things new life! A friend of mine just sent me this link and I enjoyed looking at the uses for new things. It reminded me that I actually do this all the time and hardly notice anymore. Even this weekend I did this, with the item in this post!

I like to think outside the box and find a new use for things. I challenge you to do the same. Instead of buying something see if there is something you already have that can serve the same purpose. You may be surprised what you actually already have.

Do you like my new fall table runner?

It has great fall colors bronze, brown, oranges and more!

I love the pattern too. It looks brand new, never used. I doubt it ever was.

Can you tell what this table runner used to be?

Give up?

It used to be a lonely pillow sham. :)

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