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Monday, August 23, 2010

DIY Supehero Costumes (Superman)


I like making costumes. I can spend next to nothing and have a costume that rivals anything you can buy in a store. Superman for example. I can spend over $20 on a costume like this, that will most likely rip before the night is over. Or use somethings I already have in the house. Things that I can use again after Halloween is over for regular clothing even.
I was asked by The Hood Magazine to write an article on DIY Halloween Costumes

What I used:
Blue long sleeved top, Blue Pants
Red Underwear (ours is from a Walmart pack. It has Dinosaurs on the back but no one will ever see them becase they end up under the cape. You could also turn them inside out.)
Yellow Electical tape
Two 8.5 by 11 " sheets of Red Felt
Two 8.5 by 11 " sheets of Yellow Felt
(felt sheets are around $.50 at Walmart, or Hobby Lobby)
Printed Superman Symbol
Old Red T-shirt (short or long sleeved)
Craft or fabric glue
Saftey Pins

Make the Superman Symbol:
Print out the superman logo here
Pin it onto the yellow felt, (I used polar fleece because I had it on hand but a sheet of fleece is less expensive.)
Cut around the outside of the superman symbol.

Then take the symbol off the yellow and pin it onto the red. Then cut out the black parts.

It will look like this.

Then unpin and glue the red piece onto the yellow. You will want two of these symbols for you costume.

Refashion a T-shirt into a Cape!
Take your t-shirt and cut the sleeves off, and the front like the dotted lines show below. You will leave the armpit seem attached and the collar seem attached.

When you are done cutting and open it up it should look like this.

Glue your felt symbol to the back of your cape like this.

Putting it all together:
Put the blue shirt and pants on your child.
Place the red underwear over the blue pants and tuck the shirt into the underwear.
Use yellow electrical tape to cover the waste band of the underwear.
Pin the second Superman Symbol to the front of the shirt using safety pins.
Put the collar of the cape over your childs head and then their arms through the arm loops.

Scaling deck railings in a single bound.

Up up and away!

I can be your hero!

This super hero stuff is hard work!

You have a Batman fan instead of a Superman fan? Use black pants and a black shirt. Then use yellow and black felt an the print out here to make a Batman costume.

This tutorial was featured in The Hood Magazine and on..
A Crafty Soiree


  1. Great tute and idea to make it little one friendly with the arm straps. Now your little super hero won't blow away on a windy night! He is the cutest! Thank you for joining us at A Crafty Soiree! I hope you'll come back next week and link up again!

  2. i love the cape, what a great idea and i love how all the clothes are unaltered