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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Photo Cards Free, and Cheap.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! You know what this means?? Well it means that now it is time for All things Christmas to begin. Although I have started to share a few ideas already.

Today I wanted to share what we do for photo cards. I make my own. Do I digital scrapbook??? Nope. Did I buy an expensive program??? Nope. Do I use a photo center to design them??? Nope.

I have used a free download program called Photo-Card-Maker for the last three years to make our cards. I do not work for this company and I can't even say that it is the best thing to use but it works for us. Here are the cards we did the last two years.



Someday I will figure out how to download the free templates and import them as well but after trying and trying I have yet to figure it out. That is OK I have had luck using the handful they have when you download the program. I am not too picky about our cards I honestly think many people end up tossing them anyway. So I am happy with my 19 cents each 4/6 inch print we do at Walgreen's. Although the extra templates they have are very nice looking. I just can't figure out how to get them imported.

I could turn my finished photo into sweet looking single fold cards I see at Walgreen's now. But for $1.99 per card I think I am OK with my 19 cents option.

This year I took the advice of a reader and went with the Rockin' Around The Christmas tree theme. I do actually have my own band so we have all the equipment to make the photos easy.

I took this photo of my son a few weeks ago for my post about the Holiday Argyle Rock and Roll Style Shirt I made.


Then I thought the Upcycled T-shirts Dress I had posted about for my daughter had a nice Holiday/rock n' roll look as well with it's red and green and grey/white stripes. I had her put it back on for a photo this morning with the microphone.


Then my little drummer boy already had a rockin' guitar shirt and a set of drums. He was not too excited taking his photo this morning it was darn right cold outside but I this was the time I had to do it and the light was good! So he toughed it out to give me this shot. Not the greatest but honestly he looks cute no matter what he is doing.


Then I just uploaded the photos to the program, re-sized them with the corner adjustment thing, and moved them in place. Once you click off the photo it moves to the back of the empty space on the template. You can move them as much as you want! You can also put in any words you would like by clicking on the word boxes they have hand changing the things written there.


There it is! This card took me about 2 minutes and only 19 cents each 4/6 print.
Hope this helps some people save a bit of money for the holidays!

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  1. Thanks; I was just thinking about this and didn't want to buy a program. I think it might work for baby announcements, too!