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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Classroom Holiday Project I-spy Bottles.

So many families travel around Christmas time.

So for my daughter's classroom party this year we decided to make I-Spy bottles.


They are a craft project..
They are a toy...
They are great to play with on long car trips..

We gathered all the little objects we could find, and then took a photo then edited it to add the text. I also punched a hole using a hole punch.

The classroom teacher sent a note out to all parents after Thanksgiving asking for empty plastic bottles with lids.

I bought some rice and decided to color some of it. Do this by mixing food coloring with one T of vinegar per cup of rice you are coloring. I did 4 cups of each color this time and used around 20 drops of color. Then I mixed it in a Ziploc bag and spread it out to dry on freezer paper.


I love colored rice, isn't it pretty!




Once dry I dumped it into this little tub.


Oooo pretty!


At the party the kids will each have a bottle and walk down the line grabbing one of each thing that is on the table and putting it into their bottle.

We are blessed to have 8 awesome parent helpers coming for the classroom party, so I am making use of 4 to make thing run smoothly. They all want to help in some way anyway.

We will have one parent be on colored rice duty and will hold a funnel in the bottles for the kids to put a few spoon fulls of colored rice in their bottles.

We will have another parent on white rice duty. This time the kids will hold the funnel and the parent will fill the rest of the bottle with white rice but leave an inch or two empty at the top so the rice can move.

Then one parent will be on glue duty, we are using Elmer's Nano glue, a little goes a long way since it expands.

The last  parent helper will be having the children hold a fabric square over the top of their bottles as they tie a curling ribbon around the bottle neck to hold the fabric in place and keep any extra glue off little fingers.

They will also attach the photo search card to the ribbon.

But alas I won't be there to see it happen, my youngest is sick and I am not able to leave him with  a sitter or bring him into the classroom so they will just have to go on without me. So I got the project already to go!

It should go well. I have detailed instruction card for each helper. :)

We also did this project for the Hood Magazine Free Make and Take and it worked out great! We had 64 kids make a bottle that day!


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  1. So cute! This is my favorite I-Spy toy so far! We're out of school tomorrow so I'm bookmarking this for the end of year party and summer travel!!

  2. You've officially made my day! I've been wanting to do an I spy project and couldn't decide if rice would work {since those little bead things are hard to find and pricey}! I'm definitely going to try this! Thanks so much!!