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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Simple Recycled Kites


I mean super windy. While driving home from church we saw a couple plastic grocery bags airborne way up in the sky and it reminded me of this simple kite you can make with a plastic bag and string.

Does it fly super high?? No. Is it super entertaining for little kids??? You bet!! and it is super simple to make.

What do you need?
plastic grocery bag
popsicle stick or twig

Cut a foot long piece of string and tie the ends to each of the handles on the plastic bag.

Cut a longer piece of string the length if up to you, smaller kids may need shorter string etc, tie one end to the center of the first string you cut. Tie the other end to the stick like shown.

The finished kite will look something like this.

Then go outside on a windy day and let it fly!

Watch them in action!

I tossed them in the car glove compartment when they were done playing. It will be a fun random activity to do when we are outside somplace and the wind is blowing.

We made another set of kites today when a friend came over to play. My daughter remembered them from this last time we made them and insisted that today was a good day to make them with friends.
They have been playing with them for the past 30 min. Here are some action shots.

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