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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hello Kitty Birthday Party

Hello!! It's Party Time

I know there are some people out there who are looking ideas on what to have or how to decorate for a Hello Kitty Party. You have come to the right place. Not all these ideas may work for you but I am sure you can find something you like.
First to make the birthday girl look fabulous you may want to sneek over to this post on how to make this awesome Hello Kitty shirt using freezer paper stenciling.


Always a good place to start. We made our own. I wanted to find Hello Kitty in a Taekwando outfit but the only one I could find was on a photo of a piece of fabric I found online. So I looked at it and freehand copied the character.

My daughter added the color herself.

Now for the Rest

Here is what you are looking at.
Bamboo Place Mats- came in a colorful 4 pack at Target in the Dollar Spot
Hello Kitty Plates and Napkins I found on clearance at Target
Hello Kitty Notebooks 3 pack on clearance at Target
Hello Kitty Socks $1 spot at target
White T-shirt to tie dye from dollar store.
Hawaiian theme plastic table cloth I actually have 8 or so of these from one of my husband's office parties. I tend to save things that others just want to throw away and reuse them. This was perfect!

Hello Kitty Cake

 I started with a rainbow sprinkle box mix and baked it in a rectangle pan. Once the cake was baked I flipped it out onto the lid of the cake pan and put in the freezer to freeze. Once frozen I used a electric carving knife and cut off the corners of the cake to make a large oval. I used two of the corners to make the ears on top. Then frosted the cake with white. A yellow jellybean makes Hello Kitty's nose  and two purple jelly beans for her eyes (because no one likes black jelly beans anyway). Black and Pink frosting was piped to make the details of the whiskers and bow.

Hello Kitty Party Food
Hello Kitty is a popular character that came out of Japan. So we went with this theme and made..
 Peanut Butter and Jelly Sushi: Which is not actually sushi, it is just a fancy way to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. None of the guests had allergies, but if they had, we could have easily done the same with turkey and cheese. We had the kids make it themselves as an activity. To find the PB and J Sushi how to visit my post on Funky Lunches you will find it about half way down.
Goldfish Crackers: Hello Kitty is a cat after all and what cats don't like to eat fish?
The Asian flare added by the bamboo place mats was a great complement to the theme and who doesn't like to try using chopsticks?
Our other activities included making these tie dye shirts by request of the birthday girl, I came up with a low mess kid friendly method to do tie dye.

We also attending a free local Taekwando class.

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