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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Scrap Wood Garden Signs

I have this pile of wood in the backyard from the old roof on the swing set. It is pretty warped but I have managed to make some pretty cool things out of it so far including this bench.

Well our scrap wood pile from the swing set is getting smaller but we still have a pile left. My husband cut it down so we can burn it in our fire pit, but it is really not the greatest burning wood.

We got our garden planted this year and we are going back to veggies. More than last year or the year before when we cut back on veggies because I was too busy with babies. Well now that the babies are all settled in and getting bigger... Back to veggies.

But we were short on signs. We have made signs before here out of rocks, and in our children's garden too, but we needed a tomato, cucumber, and green pepper sign...

I took a couple boards off our pile. I trimmed them down to a good size. Took some other scrap wood and make a stakes for them. Had the kids hammer them together, and pant some veggies on them with craft paint. Then when they were dry I covered them with a couple coats of clear spray paint to seal them. This way the craft paint won't wash away in the rain.

Cute, Kids had fun, and now they know what is growing where in the garden.

Even better I can get rid of even more of our wood, keep my kids busy, and teach them about giving to others all at the same time by making a set for a friend who has a VERY LARGE garden. They had so much fun painting these. They did some in the morning, then wanted to do more in the afternoon.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE these garden markers! I think it is wonderful that your son helped in the making of them! Thanks for sharing!

  2. stinkin cute garden markers!!!!!! i love them

  3. Thanks so much for the idea! I'm the children's gardener at a botanical garden, and I've been looking for an adorable, inexpensive, yet permanent signage that the kids can make. We'll be making a whole big pile of these in our next class!

  4. Kids have this tendency of trying to get themselves involved in a lot of things including gardening..Now, Moms who are so fond of gardening will not find it hard to keep their kids in one corner.. Make themselves busy by having them make these wood garden signs..

  5. Simple and cute idea! Just what I was looking for. Thanks.