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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Long Sleeves to Short Sleeves No-sew Refashion

So maybe you may have heard about my new shirt. I got it on clearance at a store that is over an hour from my home.

I got it home had it on for a few hours one afternoon and these showed up...

Holes appeared... now there could be two explanations.
1. They were in the clearance because there were issues with them.
2. The Deep Cycle battery that my husband picked up at the same store, and that shared a cart with my new shirt, had some battery acid on the outside that with the help of children got onto my shirt.

Both plausible. I didn't spent much on the shirt to be honest $10. I was not about to drive an hour back to exchange it, and honestly we do not drive to this place maybe but once a year...


I had to figure out a way to make it work!

I had seen a video of this refashioning technique a year ago or so and have never had a chance to try it out. I searched again for the video and could not locate it. So my bad photos will have to do.

Cut off the sleeves. You will start close to the armpit of your shirt. You will be very close to the seem. You may want to leave an inch or less. When you cut. You will angle out away from the shoulder of your shirt. So it makes a triangle type shape. Long on the shoulder and short under the arm.

Then take your scissors and cut from the long point of your triangle up to your shoulder seem. So you split the triangles down the middle.

The video also cut the collar off the shirt, to make more of a scoop neck, but I was not wanting a scoop for this shirt.

Then take your sleeves and cut two strips the length of the sleeve that are one inch wide. Once you cut the strips pull them so they turn into skinny rolled strips.

Next take your strip and thread them through the collar and out thought he slit you cut in the sleeve.

Pull them tight so they gather the fabric at the shoulder (this is what hides my holes) and tie a double knot. Another bonus idea is if you are worried about a bra strap showing.. especially if you decide to do the scoop neck route, you can always untie your strip and slide it under your bra straps to hold your shirt in place.


My shirt is saved... and I must say pretty darn cute. I will be bringing this shirt on all my camping trips this summer.

For this shirt less is definitely S'more

If anyone can find the video tutorial I saw of this project please let me know. I would love to post the link.


  1. Seriously cute!! WAY, way, way cuter than the original version, too!

  2. This is a great tutorial - thanks for sharing. Karima from

    I think I will be doing this very soon.

  3. I love this and need to try this instant !