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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Monster Cookies!

We had some fun making monster cookies with some girls from church. The two high school girls had a half day of school on Wednesday so I talked them into coming over to our house afterwards. I put my youngest to bed, and then gave them each one kid, all the ingredients, recipe, and then had them compete to make the best cookies..

This worked great for me, yes I had a good amount of clean up to do but each teen learned a bit about baking with young children, I think the larger of the two lessons, and my kiddos got to each make their own batch of cookies instead of having to share the dumping jobs with their sibling.

We used the double oven so even the baking worked well for two teams. Each girl went home with a plate full of cookies. I had enough to deliver to neighbors and to bring on our trip to visit my husband's grandfather who turned 90 last week. He LOVES cookies. 

The photos are from the fun they had, and.. the cookies of course.

For the recipe I used, click over here to this recipe I saw pinned on Pinterest

The recipe is a keeper! This is my second time using it.


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