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Friday, February 24, 2012

Women's shirt to Girl's Dress

I have not made much in the way of clothes for my daughter this year. She has become a bit more picky with what she chooses to wear, but Monday is PURPLE day at her school which means she needed to find a purple outfit to wear.

She doesn't really have much in the way of purple in her closet. This kind of surprised me since it is my favorite color. Anyway, off to the refashion pile I went. Looking though scraps and old clothes I save in my craft/sewing room closet.

We found a purple striped women's shirt that was donated to help make a hula hoop rug for my daughter's classroom. We had more than enough shirts donated and I know who donated this one. I told her that I might keep a few that might be reborn in the future, since she didn't care to see them back at her house.

Well Javay... here is your old shirt.

I took in the arm holes a bit and sewed a new seam to take out the buttoned section and make the v-neck not so large. First we thought we would turn it around and make the back the front, but I kind of botched that neckline when I tried taking the tag out.
Ready for Purple day!

When I gave her the choice she liked it with the V in the front.
Not a bad outfit for a random closet grab upcycle.

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