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Friday, February 10, 2012

Ugh I Need Help. Pallet Wall Art

I have a blank wall right when you enter my house. It has been empty with a thing here or there on the desk and wall seasonally but never anything that was for that space specifically.

I have seen these ideas pinned on pinterest for signs that say "In this house we do..."
Here are a few examples I have pinned myself on my Pinterest Inspiration Page.

My favorite look being this wall of words posted on the HGTV website.

I love the colors and unfinished wood, and the distressed look of it.

The other examples I like too, but I am not a fan of solid painted wood. I am still in the brainstorm stages when it comes to what my end project will look like. But so far.....

I have busted up a wooden pallet, filled in most of the holes with scraps of wood we have on hand. I need one more to fill in one last space.

I decided some words I feel fit our family, and tried to play around with fonts. I don't care for the fonts I chose at all. I realize I choose too many curly fonts. The "PLAY" font is horrible looking for the entryway. I thought it would be a nice play on the fact that my husband likes to play video games with the boys, but it just looks corny. You can't even read the word "forgive". 

I do not like my font choices, honestly they are only the fonts I have in word. I do not have a vinyl cutting machine so this project will be done old school stencil letter style, which means very time consuming cutting out letters with my exacto knife. I am loving the pallet, I am loving the wood, I am not loving the fonts at all.

I am very worried at this point that I am going to put all this time in and not like my end product. No worry about cost of supplies. This is just scrap wood, and old paint, but I really want it to end up cool so it can fill my wall.

Constructive suggestions welcome. :)


  1. I love this idea and the one from hgtv. I have a ton of fonts because I do my school's yearbook, but you can find some good ones by searching the internet for free fonts. Hope this helps! I look forward to seeing your final creation!

  2. What I like about the inspiration picture is that the wood is different sizes, both horizontally and vertically. It gives it a little more interest, rather than having each piece the same. I also like how shorter words are on shorter pieces of wood.