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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sidewalk Paint


You have heard of sidewalk chalk, but have you heard of Sidewalk paint??? Well maybe you have.

I know I had heard of making it, but I never tried it. I had heard the hype, but was hesitant. I think mainly because my mom had tried making sidewalk chalk with us when I was little using crushed egg shells, and well... it was a lot of work and didn't work. All that work and we were so bummed.
I figured this was one of those projects that probably didn't work that well, until my sister-in-law tried it. She gave it a thumbs up but I still didn't listen until I saw it for myself! WAY COOL!!!


This IS different!I wouldn't tell you to try it if it wasn't cool!
I am telling you this does NOT involve a lot of work. Plus, it just looks AWESOME!!!

What you need:
1/4 cup cornstarch
1/4 cup water
a few drops of food coloring (we used neon food coloring)
bowls or containers for holding the paint
Paint brushes (we used old toothbrushes that we keep with our paint supplies)

Mix the three ingredients in a small container, (empty butter dishes work well) and then paint the sidewalk with it.

It will show up just kind of wet looking to start. If it is too thick to paint with add a bit more water.


But when it dries it looks like this!


I LOVE it!

Think of all the different things you could use this for

Rummage or bake sales
School events
Church events
Holidays, Easter, Halloween, Fourth of July
Baby shower decoration
Welcome home signs


The more food coloring you use the brighter the color. Yet no matter how much you add the wet paint looks the same, the color shows up when it dries.


I know you are thinking "Wow this looks great but won't it stain my driveway???"


Nope! Washes away when it rains, or with the garden hose.


It's a good thing I got my corn starch at Sam's Club!

The artist's rendition of Buzz Lightyear complete with voice buttons and striped wings!

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