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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Grab and Go Granola Bars.

You should totally try this!!!

I honestly wonder how many hours of my life are spent grabbing granola bars, cereal bars, or Baby MumMum's for the people in my life. I know not the healthiest things, but not bad for a quick grab snack.

Think about it, you spend time taking the box out of the cupboard, then opening the box, grabbing the bar, opening the bar, tossing the wrapper away. Closing the box which the flaps are usually ripped and don't work right to close. Plus the mysterious empty boxes that get left in the cabinet that you don't know are empty.

Well Nutri-Grain Bars has cut my time down and solved the empty box or multiple box issue. They have a dotted line on their boxes now that let's you rip them down so that you can store your bars in the cabinet like this..


You can do this with any granola bar box. Just cut the top off, it doesn't even need to have a fancy angle like the Nutri-Grain box. You can also fit WAY more snacks in the box than what comes in them.

You only have to cut the box once then just refill the box when you get a new box, and recycle the other boxes.


I can't explain how nice this is!! I know it seems crazy that I am doing a whole post about this, but you will have to try it for yourself. I didn't realize how much of a haste grabbing and dealing with the boxes was until I did it this way. So much more organised. Multiple boxes don't have to take up cabinet space. We also don't end up accidentally opening more than one box because we can always see if there is the kind we want with the boxes cut this way.


Funny how something so simple can be so amazing. You should totally try this!

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