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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Banana Cone


Ever have a toddler totally destroy a banana by smashing it all over. It is fun to smash bananas with your hands but it is also messy. Bananas are the one fruit I don't have to worry about my toddler choking on because they are soft, but they unfortunately end up being messy for the same reason.
So out of necessity came genius once again.

What you need:
Minni Kiddie cones (I got mine at Hy-vee)
Half a Banana


Cut the banana in half and stick the pointed side in the mini ice cream cone. The cone becomes the perfect handle and does not involve adding many calories to the end product because these cones don't have much to them or in them.


I would not be hesitant to give my child a banana on a long car ride now. This has worked so well. Even the bigger kids like it!
I think the next logical step is to freeze the banana cone, then dip the end in melted chocolate then roll in crushed nuts, but that is more of a treat than a snack. I will be giving that a try though. :)


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