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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Triangle Front French Braids


What you need:
2 small pony tail holders or hair elastics
1 large pony tail holder or hair elastic or clip to hold extra hair out of the way

Make a part at an angle across the bangs area. If your child has short bangs. Then keep them out of the way with a pony holder or barrette and make this part at an angle behind the bangs. The section of hair will look somewhat like a triangle shape. Take all other hair and pull it back onto a pony tail to keep it out of the way.
Starting at the point of the triangle start a tiny french braid. Only pick up a tiny amount of hair on each side as you braid. When you get to the bottom of the triangle part you made stop braiding and secure with a small hair tie.

Take out the back pony tail that was holding the rest of the hair out of the way. Next you are going to use the end of the first part you made as the point for your second triangle. Make an angled part back the other direction so that the triangle shape you make matches the braided one in size. Secure all other hair back into the pony holder again so that it is secured out of the way.

French braid your other triangle the same way you did the first and secure with a small pony tail holder.

I like this one with the back down. I have totally seen this one on girls with bangs and it still looks adorable!!! So don't shy away from this one if your child has bangs! Honestly the first time I saw this style it was on a little girl with bangs in front of it.

My daughter actually won an online pig tails contest with this photo hosted by Gumdrops Hair Candy and won a fancy ponytail holder.


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