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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Children's Garden UPDATE!


Just thought I would post a post with our growing progress.

I am happy to announce we have officially picked our first two vegetables!

One zucchini and one cucumber.

Hopefully we will have more to come, but even a couple veggies is better than none!


We have been training the cucumbers to climb up the tee-pee They are climbing pretty good. I think if we had planted the whole tee-pee with cucumbers it would be pretty awesome by now, but we have some summer squash and zucchini planted in there too.

One trick we have been taking advantage of is filling our watering can with water from our sump pump hose, it has been running constantly since we have had some big rains around here and it make so much more sense than using the house hose on those hot days with no rain.

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