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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fabric Storage Bins

Hello and welcome to another Grandma's Treasures post

Today's object came from Grandma Bauer's Garage

These metal baskets and a can of silver spray paint.
Both from the garage.

I have three of the baskets. My mother-in-law talked me into taking them, I had seen them but wasn't sure I wanted them. Then when she asked again later and emptied them out for me, I decided I would take them for some kind of craft room storage.

A day or two later I ran into this photo on Pinterest.
It says it came from http://madamecupcake.tumblr.com/page/135 but I was not able to find it on the tumblr page, maybe you can.

Look right there in the top right corner! The SAME basket, holding fabric. Yep I knew I wanted them.

But here was the problem and my main hesitation the first time I saw them.
They were a bit rusty in a few spots on the bottom.

But I have silver spray paint from grandma's garage.

So I covered the handles with painter's tape.
"Hi Ho Silver Away!"

Here are some side by side before and after shots.

It's a super hot day here so they dried fast, and I was able to organize my craft closet a bit. No it is not a full reveal. We have too many board games and other things I need to store in there right now too, but they look pretty cute on the shelf don't they.

Now I can see the fabric I have a bit easier than I could when they were in a box.

Another Grandma's treasure is hiding in the photo too. The cute little Tupperware rainbow bowl set with lids. Grandma Bauer handed them to me and told me to take them to keep something in. I don't have them full yet, but they will be full of buttons and other things I will use in my refashioning projects.

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  1. wow unbelievable ! seems Fabric Storage Bins with such materials would be savings and not easily broken ...
    thank you, very good info, I love it :)