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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Abigail Skirt and Headband Set

Today Abigail became a member of the Hoekman family and we were very excited.

Abigail's daddy works with my husband and it just so happened that our two families started the adoption process around the same time. They through domestic adoption and us in an international adoption program. What a journey this family had to their little girl. One that was not free from broken hearts and struggles. We too could not help feel along with them as we were on a similar journey to our son.

Today was finally the end of their journey. Abigail's adoption finalization court date and although I had a day full of oil changed and two year old boy's haircuts and 6 year old girl's play rehearsals. I managed to find an hour to make a skirt as a gift for Abigail.I had to make this cutie SOMETHING!!!

I do make clothes for my 6 year old daughter now, but when she was a  little baby, I didn't think I had time for such a hobby, Funny I find the time to do these things now I have three kids. Today realized how little fabric it really takes to make clothes for a baby. Actually I am not even sure what size it ended up being. It is hard to size up a skirt for a baby you don't have in front of you and your kids are so big. I told her mommy to just bring her over sometime and I can resize it so it fits for sure.

The fabric was a fabric scrap that was in a bag of fabric I bought at a thrift store. Plenty there for a baby skirt. The trim came from another skirt I had in my upcycle pile. I have whole box of things I just use to cut up and refashion into other things.

My husband phoned from work and was running late so I had an extra 15 minutes. I decided that this headband loving girl needed a matching hair accessory.

I happened to have a removable bra strap in my refashion box that worked perfect for the elastic hairband. I never used the bra strap, it just came with a strapless bra that I only used as a strapless bra. So it was in brand new condition. I guess I didn't clarify that when I was asked at the party where I go the elastic to make the headband. Oh well. I have a feeling one or two of them will be reading this anyway.

I hope you will be able to wear it someday Abigail.
Happy Finalization Day!

The skirt fits! Happy Girl!..
I will need to re-size the headband a bit though. :)
The End!

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