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Monday, July 18, 2011

Muffin Tin Monday

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 I have made Muffin Tin Meals for my kids a few times. Most times it is when they are watching a movie in the basement and they need something easy and portable for a meal. It works out well because if we ate a meal at the table between the time it would take them to eat it, and clean up afterwards there would not be time for family movie night before bedtime.

Well today is a lazy day at our house. We have been busy for the past couple weeks running here and there every day so we decided to stay put. We also decided PJ's were ok all day if they wanted, and it also works out well because today is supposed to be SUPER hot outside so we are being lazy and cool inside.

So when they suggested a basement movie on the projection screen right before lunch I was ok with it since I knew a Muffin Tin Meal would work great.

These days we are doing our MTMs  a bit differently. After the spray paint tin flop, we are in search of new 6 cup tins. It is hard to find them anymore. Big muffin ones are pretty easy but the small ones are more likely found at thrift stores than at Walmart these days.

So when I got a birthday gift certificate in an email from World Market. I knew what I wanted to buy with it. Silicon cupcake liners, they are around $2.50 per six pack, but dishwasher safe and reusable. So lately this is what our muffin tin meals look like.

I just put the silicon liners in the round cake pan. Works great.
Today the kids had turkey and shredded cheese pinwheels, carrots, a hard boiled egg, apples and cheese stick coins.

I could put the same things on a plate and they would leave most of them. But this way they for some reason gobble it all.


  1. Love the liners in the round tin! Great idea! Looks yummy too!

  2. love this! I am going to be featuring it in an upcoming post on ways to have an MTM without a muffin tin!

  3. What a fun tin. We love jammy day at our house, and since we homeschool, I allow it one day a week in the winter. :-)

  4. The silicone trays are a great idea!