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Monday, July 4, 2011

Patriotic Cupcake in a Jar. A Flop (but made it work).

For those just joining us it is Grandma's Treasures Month at Kara's Creative Place.
A whole month, dedicated to the Grandmas in my life.

Each post is going to have a treasure that I have gotten from one of the grandmother's houses that I have used in a different and interesting way to create something amazing.

Today is still the 4th of July and while I did post about today's delicious breakfast , I still wanted to share with you how I used a couple grandma treasures today.
Today's treasures are...

These Jelly Jars I got from Grandma Bauer.

And this cake decorating set I got from Grandma Gillis.

Without these two items, which I didn't have, this project would not have happened at all!

WELL...I am not doing so well on the baking project front I guess,
because just like the brownie pops incident...
I had a little trouble today.
Well the idea was... to do some awesome patriotic cupcakes in a jar like these rainbow ones here.
and I suggest going there and reading all the directions thoroughly.

But instead of reading how others did it...
everybody sing with me!

I guess I just assumed they used the small jars because man that would be a lot of cake! And I read someplace that one box only makes 3 jars... and my mother even said it wouldn't make that many jars. So I assumed when I put all the cake mix into six jars it would be fine. I also read to leave an inch space or so at the top which I did. See.

At this point still looking and feeling pretty good.
But I guess if you are a baker you can already start to laugh.

After around 12 min in the oven I went over and saw this.

A volcanic eruption in my oven. But still at this point feeling pretty good about my decision to put them into a cake pan to bake them. There is always a silver lining right?

So this is what I ended up with when they came out of the oven. Don't worry I still have a plan. I went back and read the link and in the Hints section there was mention of some being too full that they just dug some out to put the frosting on. So still not a huge problem..

And because of another cupcake in a cup post I saw where they used crumbled cake. I am know just what to do with the parts I dig out..

So here are my finished products..

Here is my original plan, salvaged of course. I think it would have looked a bit better with the nice round cupcake top it should have had.

And here is my make it work version, which I must admit.. I actually like better than the original version.

Both are bright and colorful and patriotic so we are saved. I actually ended up with 12 jars.
Six of each.

Happy 4th of July!

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