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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Flip Flop Snap Straps

Spotted this idea on Pinterest and had to try it out and show you!

Of course I dove into it without reading the tutorial which I don't recommend. The tutorial had good ideas on how to make it easier than I ended up doing. One again I tried to do it MY WAY and that is not always the best.

So FIRST head to Make it and Love it and check out Ashley's pics and tutorial.
She really did an awesome job. She even adds bows!

My problem. Flip flops. My daughter couldn't walk in them. I was not sure if it was the fact they didn't have a back strap or that she was bothered by the strap between her toes. (I couldn't stand that when I was little.)

So here I was with some elastic and some fabric, and some snaps from my grandma's sewing stash. I just had to try it out.

So here are the flip flops and the fabric I chose.
The flip flops were clearance at a craft store for 50 cents last summer.

So I went to work, sewed some tubes, turned them put in some elastic, and had my first ever go at attaching snaps.

Here they are finished.

  But I only made one strap!

Well it turns out it was the front of the flip flop between her toes that bothered her, and these flip flops also had sharp edges on the top that dug into her foot too.

I still totally think it is an awesome idea for the little flip flop wearing kiddos in your life.
Plus I don't consider it a flop because....

 I learned how to, and was successful at, attaching snaps! 
 I have a bunch from my grandmas sewing stuff she handed down to me.
So that in itself made this a perfect project for me today and I had to share the awesome idea with you.

Two other things I realized.
1. These flip flops are still at least one size too big for her.
2. I need to treat her to a pedi tonight. :)

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