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Monday, June 21, 2010

Baby Bottle or Cup Leash

Put a stop to the famous Uh-oh game by making one of these!


What is the Uh-oh game? Well it is that nice little game young children like to play when they are sitting in a highchair, or stroller, car seat, or even sometimes on your lap. The game where they take whatever they are holding and drop it on the ground and then look at you and say.... "Uh-oh" Then you pick it up for them and it repeats over and over and over again until you go insane.

Well I had an uh-oh child last summer and we were heading to Disney! Not exactly the best place to be playing the Uh-oh game. Don't want to keep stopping every 30 seconds to grab sippy cups off the ground, nor did I want to search for a place to disinfect them once they have traveled to the ground either. So I came up with this little project and it worked great!

What you need:
Ribbon of Choice- I used 3/4" ribbon


Veggie Rubber band- The kind that comes on the bottom of your broccoli

I used as sewing machine but you really don't need to.
You can also get fancy and use Velcro but not needed either.

Take your ribbon, you may want to melt the ends a little with a lighter or match so that they don't fray. Then string one end through the rubber band and sew it back onto itself so that it is attached around the rubber band. Be careful not to sew the rubber band. It will make it week and it will break easier and not last as long. If you do not sew, then do a good old double knot.
Then you will have this.


Then attach it to your favorite bottle.


Or cup.


Or Tummy Tickler bottles (love these by the way, never leak! We reuse them for water.)


Then head out to your stroller and look for a good place to attach it. We use the metal bar on the side of ours. Measure how long you will need your string to be. You want it short enough that the bottle will not touch the ground with dropped but long enough that it will still get to your child's mouth and to the cup holder if you have one. Then tie the end onto the stroller in a double knot. (you can get fancy and do Velcro, but I don't have the time to get too fancy and knots hold better any day.)


Not only did it keep the drinks near the children all day to keep them hydrated, it saved us from going crazy! If one of kids dropped their water bottles, they just grabbed the ribbon and were able to fish it back up themselves! The drinks were always accessible to them, and we never once had to pick a drink up from the dirty ground.

Other possible uses:
Take it off the stroller and tie it to the highchair at the resturant. Attach it to a car seat for older kids on long car trips. Use it for other things such as toys or stuffed animals.

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