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Friday, June 18, 2010

Squid Dogs


We like our Mack-n-Cheese with hot dogs in it. Who doesn't? So today when I decided to grab the blue box I decided to try a little trick I had seen in one of my Family Fun Magazines. Squid Dogs! Here is the tutorial they have online.

I didn't happen to have regular spaghetti noodles on hand, we are more of an angel hair kind of family. They still worked but I think regular spaghetti would have worked much better! We like to have fun with what we have!


You stick dry uncooked spaghetti into cut up hot dogs and then boil them.
Our noodles were a bit shorter too because we cooked our macaroni in a smaller pot and long ones would not have fit into it without breaking.



I just cooked them up with our macaroni and cheese. That was it.

We will be doing these again sometime in the future they were fun and easy for my 5 year old to do herself.

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