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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

5 Minute Open Mouth Clothespin Bag.

I dove into reorganizing our entryway/laundry room today. I am trying to make our life run smoother and take care of a few trouble spots in our home to make them easier to use and nicer to look at without spending money.

I have already gone thought two cans of old spray paint trying to make things look a bit better. But that is another story.

Today's quick posted project is a quick solution to this problem..

An open bag of clothes pins. We usually have them sitting on a crowded shelf in the laundry room.

I knew I could do something to fix this situation and it wouldn't take me long at all.

My supplies were...
Some scrap fabric and an empty disinfecting wipes container.

I sewed a tunnel in the top of my fabric and cut a strip of the wipe container to fit. The container piece kept it's round shape. 

I slid the plastic piece into the tunnel. Turned it backwards to sew the bottom and open end closed and used another scrap to make a hanging loop.

Done! 5 minutes tops.
 More like 2 minutes if I didn't count my supply search time.

No open bag spilling everywhere, and it hangs from our retractable clothesline hooks so there is more room on the shelf now.

I think I will be making a couple more of these.
Maybe a few hanging garbage cans for the car near each child,
and another for a small garbage for my daughter's loft bed.

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