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Friday, November 25, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Craft-mas!

It's the Friday after Thanksgiving and time to get those projects going!

Well here is what I did with that same frame for the Christmas!
A Pinterest idea of course see the original here.

I might add a few more little things like a bow, but for now this is good to go. Just add some ice skates that don't fit anyone this year that we had in the garage and a small piece of garland. I didn't buy a thing.

Then my 6 year old daughter went to work on this project using ribbon and a large needle she stung all of our silver tone ornaments together in three strands and we hung them from the light above the dinning room table. .

She likes to decorate this light for each holiday so when I showed her this idea she was ready to go. We had these ornaments on hand as well and were not using them where we had before. So once agian... didn't buy anything

Next we want to work on the mantle.. but we have a bit of work left to get that done. For now enjoy these two little projects.

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