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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fireplace Update, RUST-OLEUM Specialty High Heat

Yep we had those lovely dated brass vents on our fireplace... But now no more!



Thanks to some nice black RUST-OLEUM High Heat spray paint.

We removed the pieces and brought them outside and gave them two coats of the spray pant, let them dry and put them back on.

Not only were we able to update that fireplace, but do you see the problem we were having with our other fireplace?

If you look at the back wall you might notice that there was rust taking over the inside walls of the fireplace. This picture doesn't even show how much there really was. I was actually taking a photo of the logs, it is always impossible to remember how to put them back in.

But we were able to put two coats on this rust as well.

As you can see it now looks BRAND NEW!

I do suggest you do the inside spraying on a day you are able to open the house for ventilation. This product does have some pretty strong fumes to it. Lucky for us it was a nice fall day outside and we were able to open the windows and the fumes went away quickly and the product dried in less than an hour.

We were able to do both projects with one can of the spray.
It is heat rated up to 1200 degree.
You can even use it to spray your grill!

I am so glad someone someplace thought of this stuff!

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  1. great idea!! i've used Rustoleum on brass thresholds before and didn't think of using it on our fireplace!