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Friday, November 18, 2011

Advent Blocks Church Advent Craft

I have been wanting to make these for a few years now, so when a friend at Church asked me for a family advent craft project I instantly thought of these.

God has blessed our church and we received 2 x 4 donations and people volunteered to cut the pieces to make 200 sets for the families who will attend the Advent family event.

We cut the pieces to 8 inch, 6 inch, 5 inch, and 3 inch lengths. Each set has four blocks, one of each size.

We decided on a four block set, one block for each week of Advent. This also cut down the amount of cutting our volunteers would have to do.

We had a member of the congregation who is an art teacher draw the characters inside a rectangle that matched the dimensions of what we cut the blocks to.
 The angel and the shepard are on one block.

The star is on it's own block.

Baby Jesus is on his own block.

Mary and Joseph are on one block.

I used this easy and cheap mod podge recipe, colored pencils, craft paint and glitter for my set. I think later I might spray a coat of clear spray paint on them  too to seal everything in better so that it will last for years. But at Church we will keep costs lower and people can choose to spray them at home if they wish.
We also have scripture pieces that go along with each piece.

I will include those later. I am not sure what they are yet. That was not my part of the project.

I plan on mod podging the scripture to the back side of each block once I get them.

Happy Advent!


  1. How fun!! I would love it if you would share it at my sharing party at http://craftymomsshare.blogspot.com/2011/11/sharing-saturday-6.html. Thank you!

  2. Would you be prepared to share the clipart that you used? jjpalacio@gmail.com
    I would love to use this for our Kids Bible Club this coming Thursday.

    Just a question - can I get the kids to glue their pictures on using craft glue and then do the mod podge over it? Do you just use a paint brush to apply the mod podge?

    Sorry for all the questions, but i just love this. Awesome well done

  3. This is so cute. Is it possible to get the artwork? Since this art fits perfectly on the size wood that was used, it would be difficult to find clipart that would fit, match each other, and look as cute as yours.
    Thanks for sharing