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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Wooah! I guess it was windy last night.

I looked outside this morning ad saw a large hole in the backyard fence.

The strong winds last night, combined with a rotten post, made the fence fall.
Although... many of the posts are doing this thanks to the horrible job whoever built the fence did putting the posts in to begin with..

 They just sit in water in the spring time and many of the cemented supports are just cracked and the fence wiggles.
Such a waste... just goes to show you should never half way do a job.

It is all put back up now with some extra support ... although we are not planning on digging the new post hole until spring since it is 32degrees outside right now but feels like 23 with wind chill.

Digging a new post hole is not fun, especially since we have to dig out the cement mess that they left there.
I am sure once we get three feet of snow the fence will stay put and we won't have to worry about it.
Oh the Joys right?

At least we know how to use a drill, and a hammer. :)

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