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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bunk or Loft Bed Hanging Book Shelf

I LOVE Craig's list. I scored an awesome loft for my daughter's room for a great price. Great timing too, a long weekend to redecorate her room so that the loft fits in a bit more.

I realized after the first night my daughter slept in the loft, that we needed a solution to a problem that the loft had created.

My daughter is a READER! She is 6 and already reads chapter books and TONS of picture books. Not uncommon for her to read 5 picture books before bed, and wake up in the morning and grab books off her side table and spend 15-30 min. reading before she gets out of bed.

With no light and no way to reach books from her side table when she is WAY up in her loft we had to do some problem solving.
I discovered a blog post where a mother found a solution to this same problem problem and knew that this was my answer. Her Solution was Genius!

We stopped at Walmart and she picked out some fabric and a clip on reading lamp. I encouraged her to find something with some of the same colors that were already in her room.  Plus we added a few more colors in order to solve another problem (the curtains that came with the loft did not match at all, but that is another blog post.) She chose a sturdy cordoroy fabric with faboulous colorful stripes.

Then we got started.
My daughter was there the whole time, helping me sew, take pins out, and taking pictures of the process. She also picked out the word "READ" to put on the shelf. She wanted that instead of her name, or the word "BOOKS". She even picked out the font for the letters.

I think her choices of fabric and letters turned out fabulous!

It is basically a long piece of fabric with tunnels sewn on the top and bottom. Inside the tunnels you insert wooden dowels, then you sew the sides together, make a button hole on each side for a ribbon then you tie it onto the side of the bed. No holes in the wall or the bed. Tons of book storage.

The wooden dowels keep the long bag from sagging. So smart.
I am in love with this idea, and It was simple to make and turned out adorable!

Problem solved!

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  1. What a great mom and daughter team! I love this and the product you created, exceptional!