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Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Christmas Mantel

Whoo hoo! My mantel is done!

It was a project... mainly because I got sick right in the middle of it and it sat half finished for 24 hours which in itself was difficult for me.. looking at a half finished project. Especially one that is so easy. I could not belive how difficult it was to do on zero energy recovering from sickness when in reality it is really an easy project, but after laying around for a day I was bored and wanted to do something!

So there are two projects I want to share with you that I did on my matel.

The first is the letters "J" "O" "Y"   They are made out of cardboard that I paitned red.

Just print the font you want around 650pt font size onto computer paper. Then using a exacto knife you can cut around the letters onto the cardboard.

Add your red paint. 

 Then I hung them with white satin ribbon that has gold edges. My mom has a rather large ribbon stash and I just called her up and said I need some thick cream and gold ribbon and she brought me two choices. So my project ended up costing me nothing since I had the supplies on hand.

Now I am sure you are wondering about my photo frame stocking holders.
They were my solution to a small problem I had.

 We got the kids new stockings this year. We decided that we would only get the kids stockings instead of all five of us. The problem was our hangers.
We had five.. the letters "N" "O" "E" "L" and angel, and a deer.

So we couldn't use the letters since we only needed three, and there were only two shaped ones. So I went up into a box in the closet where I had photo frames and found three silver matching frames.

I put in the pictures and added a little sticky tack and stuck them to three of the letter stocking holders.  They ended up perfect!

Merry Christmas!

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