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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Loft Curtains Refashion

We got my daughter a loft! It was JUST what I was searching for and I found it on Craigs list!

The only thing was.. The curtains it came with did not match her room colors at all.. I really considered making different curtains, but I am more of an upcycle kind of gal and find it difficult to replace something that is is perfectly good condition, but just the wrong color. They were really nice thick sturdy large curains. 

They were a dark kaki color with red around the outside. Perfect match for my son's room but this loft is for my daugher not my son.

I went as far as going to a fabric store to scope out fabric costs to make new curtains. 
Then it came to me! 

The perfect idea to makeover the curtains we had to make them fit into the room.

We had already picked out a new striped fabric for her hanging bookshelf. I loved that project so if you have the time to click over and check it out, you really should. Many of the colors of that fabric were already in the room, but there were also some new colors in the fabric that made it easier to make the curtain we had work...

I just needed a few things.... NOTIONS!

We picked out some ribbons and rick rack and even some bias tape. When I had all the colors and textures we wanted... I found It was still much less expensive to refashion the curtains than it would be to buy fabric to make new ones. I was excited and so was my daughter who helped me pick out all the notions.

We ended up with...
Lime Green larg rick rack.

A wide magenta ruffle ribbon.

Some medum sized Yellow rick rack.

Some wide turqoise grosgrain ribbon with lime green dots.

Some navy double fold bias tape, because it was cheap.

When we were finished the curtains looked like this!

What do you think?
We are super happy with our idea and stripe color choices. I think that the rick rack gives it a bit of gingerbread house look next to the kacki colored fabric.


But even the brother thinks under the loft is the cool place to be.

Update: I kid you not.. just a few weeks later I walk into a thrift store and get a matching duvet cover that looks like it was made to match her loft curtains. AND.. it was %50 off. So my nice $5 purchase tied the whole thing together.

It even has wavy rick rack stripes in it.
Transition went well.. She is all moved in!

If you were eyeing the hanging fabric hanging booksling she has see that post here.

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