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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Upcycled Pallet Wood Signs for the Laundry Room

Problem: A Cluttered Laundry Area

Why: It is a high traffic area we walk by every day entering and leaving our home. It is in the entryway near the garage door. There are a few design flaws that make it impossible to hide the laundry area behind bi-fold door which I believe were the original plan for the space. So because it is always open it becomes a dumping ground for anything we have in our hands when we enter our home. The surrounding space is our storage area for shoes and coats etc. So there is much in the middle of it all.

What I did:
First I emptied and purged the entire area of things that didn't belong there!

When the space was empty, I took down the chipped white shelf and supports and gave it a nice coat of purple spray enamel. The white shelf was beginning to show brown chip board though in spots and just looked horrible. Now it looks nice and new.

Then I took out any cleaning supplies we had not used in the past year and found a new home for them. Next I took any cleaning supplies that we didn't use for laundry or duplicates and put them under locked bathroom cabinets. They were mostly bathroom cleaning supplies anyway so why are they in the laundry room???

We have a towel bar next to our utility sink in the area, we do not use this sink often, and when we do we use paper towels because we are usually washing paint or other hazardous things such as oil off our hands.

So I decided to use the Pinterest tip I saw and hang the cleaning products that were in spray bottles on the towel bar. This freed up even more shelf space and actually gave a purpose to the towel bar.

Then I needed something to make the space look more fun! Cause laundry is FUN right??? I decided to go with a couple signs made from a pallet we have in the basement. I think everyone should have a pallet at their house. It is so fun to be able to hack into it and make whatever you feel like and not worry about spending money on wood.

Oh how I love upcycling!

So I cut two pieces of pallet out, then made one a reverse stencil and painted the letters on the other in the same purple as the spray paint. It was good practice for a future project I have in mind.

I then used another Pinterest tip and used pop tabs in order to hang them on the wall. I love Pinterest.
So my laundry area is not as fancy as some of the beautiful laundry rooms I have seen on Pinterest, but it is MUCH MUCH better than it was before.

Future improvements include making fabric covers for the plastic milk crates, that I tried to spray paint. Free pattern to do so here.

I would LOVE to have these under my washer and dryer. Althogh I am unsure if I would be able to reach my laundry in the bottom of my top load washer.
The plans to make this awesome platform are here.

And I am thinking a giant sign that says LAUNDRY above the shelf would look neat as well.. But those are projects for another day.

For now this is my Laundry Room and it is much better than it was.

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  1. That is a REALLY cool idea! What font did you use for the Wash/Dry signs? Very vintage-y - love it! Agree with you - Pinterest is THE place for great ideas!