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Monday, March 5, 2012

Perler Bead Animal Nose, DIY Grid Paper Patterns

My 6 year old has discovered perler beads. She had seen some creations made by friends at school and had asked if she could get a kit. Then after Christmas she had a gift card in hand and found a nice starter set on clearance at Walmart in the holiday toys.

Those last few weeks before Christmas break her art teacher had been giving them pieces of grid paper to color in whatever ways they wanted.

 My daughter happened to make a giraffe with her grid paper.

This artwork came to mind when she got out her beads for the first time.

 She was able to use her grid artwork as a guide and make changes where they were needed.

You can see off to the left another piece she did, it is a portrait of her cousin.

It turned out pretty cute!

Here is her other creation she made a few weeks later.
Again, not just artwork but something functional as well.

It's so much fun to see my kids come up with totally awesome ideas all on their own.

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