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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Easter Basket Stuffer Ideas 2012

I found three cute stuffer ideas online that I wanted to try out for myself this year I must share with you.

Doughnut Bunnies

What do you think of these doughnut bunnies. My kids love powdered doughnuts so these doughnut bunnies will make a good breakfast for them early on Easter morning before we get to brunch, and they will be found in their baskets.

These doughnuts are Little Debbie brand and come in a box that has six individual packages that contain 4 doughnuts each. The packages, since they come in a box, do not have any writing on them. Our box cost $2.19.

I found the idea for the doughnut bunnies here.
Jeans Crafty Corner
Pinned Image

But I didn't want to do the work of making my own rabbit face, so I searched for bunny coloring pages and the perfect bunny face popped up. When I printed the image it was just the right size for this project saving me time.

Here is a link to the bunny face image I used.

So I just printed three of these out onto paper I had, and cut them out.
I also cut out four oval shapes and used a marker to draw two lines on them to make my bunny hands and feet. Then I attached them with a low temp glue gun.

Oh and don't forget the cotton ball bunny tail!

Chocolate Nest Spoons
Another cute idea I saw and had to try were Chocolate Nest Spoons.
I found the simple, adorable and yummy idea over at Cute Food For Kids.
She has a great tutorial so hop over there for the how to.

Simply melt chocolate chips, dip in a spoon, add your chocolate mini eggs and some chocolate sprinkles (I went for the individual package of mini eggs to save myself from finishing the large bag so my cost was $.69 for my little package and I had enough eggs to make 4 spoons, and one egg leftover for me to enjoy.)
I also used our ZooPals spoons since we already had them on hand.
Once they were dry I wrapped them in plastic wrap and secured them with a twist tie.

Goldfish Carrots

I posted about these early last month.
Click below for how I made them.

There you have it. Three simple but cute ways to stuff your Easter baskets.

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