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Monday, March 19, 2012

Star Wars Rocks

Ever subconciously store something in your brain and forget that you put it there. I do it all the time. That is why when I saw a rock in our yard that looked like Darth Vader's head I thought to myself... I needed to paint it just like Darth Vader and then started to look for rocks that were the right shape for the other characters, I thought I had an origional idea..

But it was not original, a few months ago I had been on the Star Wars website... yes there is a Star Wars Website!!! and saw the craft idea of painting rocks to look like Star Wars characters.
Yet... I thought I had just come up with this totally awesome and cool idea all on my own. Until I went on Pinterest and saw a photo pinned of the rocks. The photo was familiar and then I remembered where I had seen it.

Oh well... I think my rocks are cooler. He he.  I just used my paint pens, and the rocks I choose are their natural colors taken out of my landscaping of river rocks.

I had fun making them and my boys think they are way cool!

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