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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

LEGO Brick Bubbles and Lego Party Bags

We are getting closer to party time. I am trying to do a little bit every day. The hard part is, I keep getting more ideas so my to-do list just keeps growing.

I am super excited it is supposed to be unusually nice outside the day of his party so we will be able to have fun and play outdoors.

So when I saw this box of party bubbles today for $3.50 at Dollar General I knew it was a good idea to grab. I love the bright colors just like Legos. I also know I won't use them all for his party, but I have two more kids parties coming up.

I got them home and opened the box. I was just going to put them into the take home guest party bags as is, but then it struck me that the side panel of each bottle is just about the same size as a Lego brick.

Enter black Sharpie marker...

Six circles and a few lines and you now have LEGO bubbles

I was only able to make the brick pattern on four sides of the six sided bubble container because the other two sides have raised plastic writing on them and so it wouldn't work too well.
I think I got better at free handing the LEGO brick pattern as I went on.
The kids won't care if they are not perfect, and I love my idea!

I also took a pack of 10 yellow sacks from the Dollar Tree, and put the LEGO figure face on them.
I have seen bags decorated with circles to look like a brick, but my boy LOVES yellow and I think the LEGO mini figure face is much more cute.

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