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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Did You Start Your Tomatoes Yet?

We started ours today, actually a week late according to some online planting guides. But none the less. So exciting! I am ready to sprout things this year using recycled stuff around the house as sprouting starters.

We used empty toilet paper tubes, with a paper egg carton cup to close up the bottom. Then we put them in our empty strawberry container for a little green house.

We have at least five of these Frisbees. It made the perfect drip tray since our strawberry basket has drainage holes in the bottom.

I got seeds from my sister-in-law who saved them from her last year's crop of tomatoes. They are regenerating seeds so you can use them to grow more next year etc.
We followed her advice and planted three seeds in each cup, and once they come up, we will pull the weakest and let the strongest survive.

The setup has worked great so far. Once the sproutlings had their footings we opened the top of the container to get them used to air. This also helps keep mold from growing. It is also good to let them dry out a bit between watering once they get a good start otherwise the soil might get a bit moldy which is not a good thing either. Once they got to this size I pulled out my weaker ones and just left one strong one per toilet paper tube. I also added some more dirt to the top since the rest had kind of settled. Do not pack the dirt, but just fill the cups to the top again to make sure you are keeping the whole root system covered but still allowing some air down there.

Grow little guys! Grow!

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