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Monday, March 5, 2012

Our Family Lego Portfolio

I decided to do a post that I will continue to edit through the years. In the post I plan to take photos of my kids Lego projects.

At this point I plan to take photos of creations they come up with on their own, not what they build by following instructions.

Lego Helicopter

My brother used to make Lego helicopters all the time when I was little. I showed the kids how to make them so they have made a few of their own. So this is a favorite build in our house.

Lego Math Manipulatives

So the day came my 4 year old said "Mom teach me some math."
He is still working on his fine motor skills so that he will be able to write numbers but he was totally ready for the concept of addition otherwise.

So we got out 2 dice and 12 Legos, and made addition into a game.

Roll the dice. Make Lego towers out of bricks that show that number, and them add the towers together to get the answer.

I wrote the equations for him so that he could get used to how they looked even if he was not able to write them yet, he was totally capable of reading them.

He felt super smart by the time he was finished playing. It was a simple and easy way for him to do math without worksheets and writing. I didn't even have to come up with the problems, the dice did the work for us.

The Lego House

Oh you know you have made one before. It is I think more of a girl thing maybe? Yet I remember my first Lego house, how long I worked on it. I was much older than my daughter was when she built this one, yet I am quite sure it didn't take her nearly as long as it did for me to build mine. It is a good project for anyone. You learn things such as staggering blocks to increase wall strength. A very good concept for future building projects. 

The Lego Valentine
Ok, ok this was my project. I couldn't resist making it for Valentines Day.

Lego Word

I think my daughter got some inspiration from my Lego Valentine. Last night she built this word Lego. Isn't it fun? She wanted it to be more than just a word, but something you could play with as well. She added a interactive element to each letter she built.

All Turrain Emergency Bug Out Vehical.

or at least that is the name I gave it.
It was a creation made by my daughter in early March 2012.
I needed to document it because we need to take it apart for her brother's LEGO party this weekend.

To be continued....

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