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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Goldfish Easter Carrots

I am trying my hardest to not give into the temptation of buying the kids a ton of junk and candy to put in their Easter baskets this year. I just got rid of a ton of junky toys, clearing the house of clutter, and the thought of adding more junky trinkets and candy to the house I know is against what I would like to do.

Yet when I see the fun spring colored displays it makes me think I need to buy into this Easter Basket stuffing with meaningless junk. Crazy how those displays work.

So this year I plan not to give into the junk food, and junky toys and trinkets. I will buy a Baby Binks chocolate bunny because that is just tradition in this family.
I also got a bag on clearance of small packages of Pez. The kids always like to fill their Pez dispensers so I know those will actually get eaten and will be enjoyed by all three kids.

When I spied some clear pastry bags filled with Cheetos on Pinterest I thought that my boys would LOVE them. Yet my daughter doesn't like Cheetos, and the thought of orange fingers and Easter clothing didn't sound like a good idea. So what else is orange that my kids like??

GOLDFISH!!! We have been buying the whole grain goldfish and my kids are always up for a goldfish snack. It is what we have and what the kids like so I went for it...

(If I was buying stuff to make them I would totally go for the organic cheese bunnies for the Easter theme, but I was not giving into gimmicks and just went with our huge container of Goldfish.)

Here is how I did it, I didn't have to buy any supplies I just used what I had.

What you need:
Clear Tape
Plastic wrap
green fuzzy stems, or green curling ribbon

Place a square of plastic wrap down on the counter or table.

Place a pile of goldfish in the center as shown.

Fold your piece of plastic wrap in half so you have a triangle shape.

Roll one edge of the plastic wrap triangle in towards the pile of goldfish.

Close off the top end and form into the pile into the shape of a carrot.

Fold up the bottom end of your carrot and tape down securing the rolled edge.

Cut two pieces of fuzzy stem and use them to twist off the top of your carrot.

One one way...

and one to the other side.

It will secure the top opening, and also any part of the rolled edge that the tape does not covering.

 Trim off any extra bag, but not too close to where your stems are twisted. I left about an inch.

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