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Monday, March 19, 2012

The Lego Birthday Party

Well the big day finally came! My baby boy is now 3!
He loves LEGO so we had ourselves a LEGO Party!

The Yellow Bucket came from Dollar Tree I added a Lego Mini figure face and made a Duplo building station at our little kids table.

I made a nice little banner out of construction paper and printer paper. I found and downloaded a Lego Font and used that to print off the letters of his name.

His big sister built him a name table centerpiece out of Duplos.

We turned my coffee table into a Lego building center. You could build anything even a car so that you could race it down the.....

Car race ramp!!!!

I just took the spare pocket door from the basement and added some colored electrical tape and some checkered flags.

It propped up perfectly at the right height and angle by using a folding papasan chair we had.

The Anti-Cake

The birthday boy is not a fan of cake.. So when he choose Jello cups for his birthday I couldn't have chosen a better Lego colored dessert idea. I love how it turned out on my most favorite ever cupcake stand. I use these things all the time for everything. They are sturdy and store fairly compact. Super sturdy, dishwasher safe. Great Price compared to others I looked at. Did I mention I LOVE this cupcake stand??? Big sister even decorated the stand with some construction paper and her fancy cut scissors.

We made this room the large motor room. Our crawling tunnel and toddler trampoline are just the right color for a Lego themed party and added a lot of silly fun when paired with a couple balloons. Funny how putting something old in a new room makes it so much more interesting and new!
They had a blast in here.

I had started a project with a pallet in our entry way but had not made much progress on it. Yet if I moved it I would have a huge empty wall. So I used it to my advantage.

I made my own Caution tape from yellow streamers I had on hand and put my paper Lego Man up there with the birthday number of 3.
It made a good welcome sign for the party, and the wood just make it look a bit more constructive!

Then there are Lego bubbles I made.
Read about those here.

And the yellow bags from Dollar Tree that I added mini figure faces too.
They held the bubbles and other pinata goodies for guests to take home.

Our Kleenex box Lego pinata was a HIT!

It opened only after a few hits from the birthday boy,  (which I planned by only closing it with a couple tiny pieces of tape) which was a good idea since we had a few people fighting over who got to hit next. I dislike pinatas that take forever to open.

To read about how I made it click here.

 Fun eating and playing with friends and cousins!

The birthday boy had a fun day, but he didn't much care for all the attention being on him. He didn't like people singing happy birthday to him and he refused to blow out the candles because everyone was watching him. "I'm too shy." He always says. Other than that he had a blast playing and having fun.

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  1. Happy Birthday Jack!! What a wonderful party you had:)