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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fall Knot Dress

My daughter does not need any more clothes. As it is she has enough for two kids I am sure. Yet I keep seeing inspiration from others and this week my inspiration came from Two Little Bugs. It appears she has been inspired to make a few of the same things I have from Dana at MADE.  I love Two Little Bugs choices of color that she uses in gorgeous dresses. You can even buy them from her etsy store! The dress I fell in love with was her Love Bird Knot Dress.

While I know my daughter doesn't need anymore clothes I couldn't help but make one of these cute dresses, so I did so with the idea of making it for a local Mother's of Preschoolers group for their Silent Auction.

I had a bunch of fall florals in the basement that I got in a box of quilt fabric off of Craig's List. I paired it with some textured fabric I had gotten at Savers a year or two ago and some brown poly scraps I got in a fabric bag at a rummage this summer. This makes this dress almost totally made of second hand and upcycled materials, minus the thread. What do you think?


I sewed the stripped florals together to make a nice panel for the middle section. I did this mainly because I couldn't decide what to use in the middle and figured best to go with all three.
I am happy with how it turned out. Yet didn't get to finish it all the way. I broke my last needle. So all you get for now is these happy little snapshots.


It ended up being a size 3T-4T I am thinking I am going to have to make another in a smaller size. I am hoping I can go a little more funky with the colors. Maybe pink, blue, red and green like the Love Bug Dress. Just have to look though my scraps and get a new needle for my machine. :)

Had to link to Paisley Passions since I used a Paisley print. hehehe.

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