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Monday, November 1, 2010

Growing a Child in Your "Heart" Instead of Your "Tummy"

I have added God's creations to my family through both birth and adoption, and my heart cannot tell the difference. I may have labored for my first two children but my youngest was a true labor of love. He has changed our lives for the better in so many ways, and we are so lucky to

have him.

Listen to your heart, are you called to adopt? Can you help make one less child in this world wait for a forever family?


Please take the time to see our little guy and his friends in this short video. Many of these families are very dear to me since we were all in the process of adoption around the same time, they have provided support, and blazed the trail for our journey as well as I for some of them.

Visit http://nationaladoptionmonth.blogspot.com/
There all this month of November (National Adoption Month) you will find stories of families who have chosen to adopt, and links to agencies where you can learn more.

Our family photos above courtesy of Dolby Photography.

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  1. definitely a Lovely thing to share!! ;) I am sure he has blessed your life and made it lovely!

  2. Totally loving your blog! Isn't adoption grand!? Such an amazing process and blessing! I'm so excited to be your newest follower of your sweet blog and I would love to have you as a friend at Frou Frou Decor! Be sure to link up to my weekly party ~Fabulous Friday Finds~ Hope to see you there!
    ~Terrell @ Frou Frou Decor~

  3. My husband and I are thinking about doing foster to adopt and that's exactly the way I feel. I know no matter how the next child comes to us (through pregnancy or adoption), my love for that child is already growing in my heart. Thank you!

  4. Thanks for coming to A Crafty Soiree and sharing:) Once upon a time, I could've been a part of that video, do you think they'd include Katie, 33, South Korea? LOL! I'm always happy to see other forever families!

  5. Lovely post! Thanks for sharing it with us at A Round Tuit! Hope you have a lovely weekend!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  6. Adoption is truly a blessing! Your little one is so adorable! We adopted our little China princess over three years ago and couldn't be happier!