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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Women's shirt to Girl's Yoga pants.

My daughter has decided that she can't tolerate wearing jeans. Kind of a sad day for a mommy who bought a lot of jeans at rummages this summer. They just are too uncomfortable when sitting at circle time at school.

Oh well... This means I get to make pants. Comfy ones!

I can do that!

I had already made these, and perfected the process when I made these and these. So the hunt was on for Grey and white stripes. Why?? because I saw these and loved how they pretty much go with any color combo.

Today I hit the Jackpot and found a grey and white stripped shirt that had nice long arms.

So I did this...


Then this...


and then you have it!


And had some leftover for the stripe in this dress.

And the headband??? That was the shirt's collar.

I had fun sewing today. I am good for a while now.. But I did buy some 100% lambs wool sweaters today... hehehe

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