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Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Kids Help Feezer Cook! Chicken in White Wine Sauce over Pasta

Bring the kiddos into the freezer meal cooking process with this fun recipe. Even my one year old helped. How??? Well here we go!

What are we cookin'?

Chicken in White Wine Sauce Over Angel Hair Pasta.


Sounds fancy huh? Looks fancy too, and tastes DELICIOUS I promise. It has made it's rounds around our MOPS group when mom's are in need of a meal from a friend and has been super popular.

Here's what you need.

4 -6 frozen boneless skinless chicken breasts
4T, butter
1 can golden mushroom soup
1 packet dry Italian dressing mix
1/2 cup cooking wine (I have used any white wine I have on hand)
4oz cream cheese
12oz angel hair pasta. (cook separately at mealtime)

Here is where the fun starts!!!

In a large Ziploc bag place all the ingredients except the chicken and pasta. Close the bag but let most of the air out first.


Then give it to the kiddos to mash, smoosh and mix everything.
It is a great sensory project. It feels awesome, and takes a bit of mixing so it provides much fun for all ages.

School aged kids.

Preschool aged kids.
Boy Conquering Cream cheese.
Home With the Boys

and even toddlers

It is kind of the color of macaroni and cheese when mixed all the way.

Just a small snippet to guests over from Home With the Boys
Look how my daughter is lovingly kneading the bag while my son
SMASHES the LIFE out of it. Got to love the difference between boys and girls.

When the kids are done playing... I mean... mixing...


add frozen chicken breasts to the Ziploc.

You can freeze it at this point for a later meal or let sit in the fridge to marinate until thawed.

To cook the meal you can stick it in a crock pot for 3 or 4 hours I have done this from frozen, or place in a 9*13 pan and bake at 350 for 30-45 min if thawed.


Once cooked serve over cooked angel hair pasta.


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  1. What a great idea to get little ones helping in the kitchen. I'm sure my boys would love to opportunity to mix something like that! :-)