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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Upcycled T-shirts Dress


I fell in love with the dress I saw created here. So much so that I totally copied well.. Pretty much the whole thing down to the color scheme and paint stamping. Ha...

Sometimes you figure.. "Why mess with a good thing?"
I absolutely LOVED her choices of color.

We decided to go with dog stamps...

and spirals, instead of phones and lips.

Pretty snazzy for a bunch of thrift store shirts huh?
My catch phrase for making this dress was//
Inside out and right sides out.
The original creator of this dress connected the bottom strips first then sewed them to the top. I on the other had started from the red top and added strips one at a time.
I turned the red shirt inside out,  and then put each strip ovelapping the last, right side out, so the two wrong sides are pinned together. Then I sewed around it starting at the side seem each time. Some of my strips were the right size and would have been small if I had cut them open, (the dark grey with spots and the stripes) so those I just sewed around in a circle already.  Some were too long, so when I sewed back to my starting side seem, I flipped the strip down, I pulled the extra out to the side, so they were flat and sewed a new side seem to match the other above it, but angled it out a bit so the bottom of the strip was a bit wider. I did start on alternating side seems each time I added a strip so that the dress was not just angled out on one side.
So hard to sew a seem backwards. It goes against what your brain wants to do. You really want to put right sides together and this you have to put the wrong ones together.



Want to know about the leggings? That is the next post! :)

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  1. I love it! You did a great job. I can't believe you had all those colored knits and stamps on hand! That's awesome. She looks adorable in it. Thank you so much for sharing this with me.


  2. i'm confused by the way you sewed the layers. will have to read again in the morning b/c my brain isn't working.

  3. I simply ADORE this dress, and the leggings! I am going to make this set for Hailey!