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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Black Eyed Peas Juggling Balls


While mom is juggling the Turkey and side dishes in the kitchen on Thanksgiving Day, Dad can keep the kids busy with this little project that allows you and the kids to juggle a side dish of your own.


1 empty plastic Bottle

3 green balloons

3 black balloons


How to:

1. Put some dry rice into a plastic bottle, we used a funnel for this. You can make a cone out of paper if you don’t have a funnel.


2. Put the end of the black balloon over the end of the plastic bottle, turn the bottle over and squeeze a bit to inflate the balloon with rice.


3. Once the balloon is between the size of a tennis and racket ball, take the end off the bottle and tie a knot close to the filled part. Trim off excess balloon end. If your balloon has extra air trapped in it, poke a tiny pin hole near the knot


4. Last take your green balloon and cut the end off at the base of the round part. Stretch this balloon over the black rice filled balloon making sure the tied knot goes in first.


5. Now make two more and teach the kiddos to juggle while you are waiting for the turkey dinner to be ready.

Here is a nice jugging tutorial video for you!

Happy juggling!

Disclaimer: I know black eyed peas are not green but off-white is not colorful enough. hehehe.

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