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Friday, November 5, 2010

Pacifier Clips

Another item for the MOPS Silent auction! I had fun making them, but think I am about done, but I will make them for gifts for friends with new babies.


In honor of the fact I don't mass produce... I decided to call my items... Go Make it Yourself. :) I can always show you what I did.

Why not mass produce?? I get too bored for one, and I am not a perfectionist and feel that my items just lack the perfection needed to sell professionally. I just don't like measuring and making things perfect. I like creating where you don't know what you will end up with for sure.


Here is how I did these.

For the fabric ones, I just sewed a tube of fabric and then turned and top stitched it on each edge.

The ribbons are easier. Cut and melted the edges and attached the two clip ends.

For the clips I bought a pack of name tag clips from Walmart. I took the plastic snap piece off and put it on the bottom and the clip at the top.


I mainly looked at this tutorial at MADE for the idea but ended up doing my own thing pretty much.

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