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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mini Candy Bar Smores

Sometimes a fantastic creation is born out of necessity. We broke down and bought a small fire pit for our backyard. We got tired of smelling the smoke from all the other firepits in our neighborhood so figured if you can't beat them join them and honestly the smoke smell is not nearly as bothersome when you are the one making it.

Well what is a fire without smores? We had the marshmallows, the gramcrackers, the roasting sticks... but no Hershey's. See... I have a tendency to devour all chocolate that is in our house so the bars of chocolate that were to go with the marshmallows and graham crackers were gone long before we had a fire pit.

Lucky for us my daughter had been to a birthday party the day before and they had filled their pinata with bite sized chocolate candy bars these included, Milky Way, Snickers, Three Musketeers, and Twix. I am not talking the Fun size for Halloween, I am talking the ones even smaller than that. The ones that are about the size of the tip of your thumb, not your whole thumb. Funny I can't show you a picture of what I am talking about because... once again I ate them all. :(

So anyway... we used these mini bite sized candy bars for our smores that night and honestly it was better than normal smores!!! They were great!! The 3 Musketeers and Milkyway smooshed and melted really well better than Hersheys blocks even, and honestly I have a HUGE weekeness for all things Snickers so that of couse was my favorite even thought hey didn't smoosh as well with the peanuts.

No for those of you who have no smore making experience let me give you a few pointers.

When making smores you do NOT want the flames of the fire to be big like this.


The flames can easily shift and come your way when they are large so it it not a good time to go putting your hand near a fire. If you fire does look like the picture above, you need to wait until it burns down a little. You want the fire to be glowing with no large flames more like this.


Here is a closeup just for kicks.


Take the top of your fire pit before you start. If a marshmallow falls in the fire and burns it is no big deal.If it falls on the firepit cover, it is a mess!

Stick your marshmallow on the end of your roasting stick. Make sure the stick goes all the way though the length of the marshmallow. If you only stick the roasting stick in there a little bit then the marshmallow will easily fall off when the marshmallow starts to melt.

My husband and I do not like burned marshmallows, some people do like the fun of lighting their marshmallow on fire and having to blow out the flames. Us, not so much, so we do the slow rotate method until it turns a golden brown. If you get to close it will cook the ouside too fast before the middle gets warm and melty, or it may catch fire. So we watch closely for the marshmallow to start to smoke a bit and adjust cooking distance accordingly.
The kids were interested in roasting too at first with us right there of couse, but the heat can get a bit intense and they decided it was too hot. This is good actually since it can teach them how dangerous a fire really is.


So dad took over to get them just right.


Now waiting off to the side you should have one square of graham cracker waiting with a bite size candy bar on it, and another square of graham cracker nearby as well. When the marshmallow is done to your satisfaction, you will want to get it off the scewer but it is HOT!! To get it off the screwer place the marshmallow while still on the scewer on top of the chocolate bite sized candy bar. Place the second graham cracker square on top and smoosh together. While smooshing pull out the scewer. This way you never have to touch the hot marshmallow but only the graham crackers. Getting the marshmallow onto the chocolate and smooshed down while still hot helps the chocolate melt also.

Then it was time to eat...

My son REALLY enjoyed them..

Very Much..

Very Very Much..

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