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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wall Clip Rack

This is one of those multipurpose projects. I origionally saw it on the MOPS craft website. (Sorry no link to share there since it is password protected for MOPS leaders only.) Then it appeared again reciently on Knock-off-wood here. I must say I didn't think it was that cool on the MOPS website but after seeing all the different people posting pictures of ones they made on the Facebook Knock-off wood fan site I got excited to do my own, mainly because I knew my kids could do most of the work, making it more of a project for them that I could have fun helping them with. My son who is almost three, and my dauther who is almost 5 both loved this project.

What you need:
wooden clothes pins
scrapbook paper or ribbon
school glue for doing the project with kiddos
Gorilla glue/glue gun or strong other stong adhesive you have on hand
Craft paint (like 97cents a bottle at a craft store)
Scrap wood you have on hand or head to your local paint store and ask for a
5 gallon paint stir stick! (free)


Just trim off the end if you want to make it square. You can probaby have someone cut it for you at Home Depot too if you don't have a saw at home.

How WE did it.
First we got our our "Art Splat Mat". I had my kiddos paint the piece of wood or paint stick themselves. Totally doable for both of them and they LOVED doing it. Then they chose scrapbook paper or ribbon they wanted to use do decorate their clothes pins. I helped them trace and cut the strips of paper and they used school glue to glue them on the clothes pins covering the front of them and wrapping around a bit so that they stayed. (the ribbon was a bit tricky with school glue. The glue soaked through and made the ribbon stick to fingers more than clothespins so for the ribbon we had to get out the glue gun!)

Then glue the clothes pins onto the long board with stong adhesive of choice. Glue gun works ok but not the best for heavy use.
I would suggest a space of 8 1/2" at least between pins if you are using them for an artwork hanger so that projects made on computer paper do not overlap.
For my daughter's hanger we put some extra pins faceing up to hold pictures.

I hung ours up with command strips by 3m. They are my favorite for hanging things on the wall in kids rooms because it is easy to remove if you don't like it with no wall damage.

My Son's final product matches his room colors:



And my daughter's final product matches her bed spread nicely.

Artwork holder
Mitten holder
Lost sock holder for laundry room, if you can only find one sock..
Permission slip or things to be signed for school, one clip for each child.
Christmas card holder, hang it upright and cover both sides with clothes pins.
Baseball Cap rack. (fathers day gift?)

What other ideas can you think of to use something like this?

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